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SPG : Fiche d’Identité Société, Wiki, Adresse & Contact

SPG est une Société privée locale, spécialisée informatique / télécoms et basée en Tunisie.

Wiki & Informations société SPG

Informations générales

  • Dénomination : SPG
  • Année de création : N/A
  • Secteurs d’activité : informatique / télécoms
  • Type d’entreprise : Société privée locale
  • Taille de l’entreprise : Moins de 20 employés
  • Adresse : Avenue Mongi Grira, Sahloul, Sousse Ville, Sousse, 4054 Tunisie. Site :
  • Site Web : –

Description et Activités

– SayMo Tech, LLC is an IT consultant company with its Delivery Center based in Tunisia and an advisory executive management in North America.   We focus on the development, implementation, training and support of custom applications and web services using .Net, Java and Mobile technologies. We also have highly skilled IT professionals to deliver architectures and services in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Database Administration. We act as a dependable extension of our partners’ internal team to design and implement innovative solutions that help businesses achieve the next level of performance. Our professionals are carefully picked to make sure they are truly experts in their respective functions. Most of our talented engineers hold multiple professional certifications and have many years of international experience in various industries. In addition, we ensure that each of ourprofessionals holdsan advanced college degree in Information Technology and fluent in various languages such us English, French and Arabic. We strongly believe that high quality personnel deliver high quality results. We expect all of our dedicated team members to leverage their proven professional expertise to deliver results on time and within budget. It is our commitment to the quality of work and services provided that allows us to take pride in our company.

Horaires SPG

  • Du Lundi au Vendredi : 08h00 à 17h00
  • Samedi : 08h00 à 12h00
  • Dimanche: repos

Ces horaires ne tiennent pas compte des jours fériés et jours de fête. Pour savoir si la société est ouverte ces jours, contactez les directement.

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