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L’association Not 4 Trade est Fondée en 2016 et spécialisée dans les secteurs Droits de l’Homme autres.

Wiki & Informations Not 4 Trade

Informations générales

  • Dénomination : Not 4 Trade
  • L’association est aussi connue sous le nom de : Not4T
  • Fondée en 2016
  • Adresse : –  BP Numero 224 Centre Manar Tunis 2092   
  • Contact


L’association Not 4 Trade opère dans les secteurs suivantes : Droits de l’Homme autres.

Membres et structure

  • Structure : – Association 
  • Membre de : –

Président(e) de l’association : Racha HAFFAR

Description de l’association

History and Introduction of Not 4 Trade

Even though Tunisia banned slavery in 1846, the practice still exists in all aspects of life and victims face re-victimization until today, because the national law against trafficking has been under formation for the past nine years, and it only passed on July 21 st of this year. This shows why Tunisia has been lagging behind in complying with the international standards to counter human trafficking and still ranks as Tier 2 Watch list. The revolution played as a catalyst in increasing numbers, cases, and forms of human trafficking in Tunisia as a result of the new post-revolution state caused by recent changes at the social, political, economic and legal levels. Trafficking in persons has reached a new alerting status and needs more attention, especially after the rise of numbers of refugees and immigrants trafficked in Tunisia and also Tunisians trafficked abroad. It is also important to pay attention to Tunisian victims exploited within the Tunisian borders. Although governmental and non-governmental bodies have started to put more efforts in standing against this phenomenon, there still remains a huge lack in combatting this phenomenon. The absence of exact data and information about this topic makes it even a more urgent matter to be dealt with. After realizing the fact that no local organizations specialized in fighting trafficking exist in Tunisia, we seized the opportunity to establish Not 4 Trade which is the first-anti human trafficking organization in Tunisia to tackle the gaps and provide the basis for the fight in the country.

Our vision :

An equal Tunisia where no one is enslaved or trafficked in any form.

Our mission:


First, we want to start by working on prevention through the following actions:

Second, when it comes to protection, this is the list of services we will provide:

Third, after reaching out to victims and being able to provide them with services, we will start a legal committee for prosecution purposes providing:

Our Goal:

Not 4 Trade’s aims at setting the foundation for the anti-human trafficking movement not only in Tunisia, but also in the whole North African region.

BP Numero 224 Centre Manar Tunis 2092

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