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L’association Qaryout Sports Club est Fondée en 1986 Palestine et 1 autre(s) régions et spécialisée dans les secteurs Gouvernance autres.

Wiki & Informations Qaryout Sports Club

Informations générales

  • Dénomination : Qaryout Sports Club
  • Président(e) de l’association : Moayad Salem Mousa
  • Fondée en 1986 Palestine et 1 autre(s) régions
  • Adresse : – Qaryout Nablus, Palestine    
  • Contact


L’association Qaryout Sports Club opère dans les secteurs suivantes : Gouvernance autres.

Membres et structure

  • Structure : – Association 
  • Membre de : –

Description de l’association

The 15 CBOs, 5 from the South, 5 from the North and 5 from the middle area of West Bank, compose the network of which Qaryout Sports Club represents the leader organization.The main area of intervention of the 15 CBOs composing the network are: women and healthcare, youth, preservation of cultural and natural resources.

The Club works within several projects, such as the Partnership for Development Project and UNICEF projects within the National Committee for Summer Camps. Considering some of the 15 CBOs already workedon similar area of intervention to the one developed by WEGOV project, promoting participation at the trainings, mostly regarding good governance and advocacy campaigns, they decided to submit a common proposal.Therefore they will straighten their network during the implementation of the project.

Preserve land from being confiscated by the Israeli’s authorities. Protect the public space and convene local community in public spaces . Encourage youth participation and voluntary work.

Qaryout has 9 board of directors members, all male, age group between 25 and 45

They also have 130 members, all male, and they are between the ages of 18 and 60

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